Remind me to take out the trash tonight!

Don’t forget to take the trash out! Set Reminders with Alexa If you have an Amazon Alexa you can set a reminder by saying “Alexa remind me to take out the trash tonight at 9pm” Set Reminders with Google If you have a Google Nest, you can say “Ok Google, remind me to take the … Read more

Louisville Trash Schedule 2023 (Bulk Pickup, Holidays, Map)

We’re here to help you find the Louisville trash pickup schedule for 2023 including bulk pickup, recycling, holidays, and maps. The City of Louisville is in Kentucky with Cincinnati to the northeast, Nashville to the south, and Evansville to the west. If there’s a change to your normal trash collection schedule then there’s a good … Read more

What to do if you missed trash day

It happens! We all get busy and forget to put out our trash bins out and before you know it you’ve missed trash day. Here’s a few things you can do to get rid of your trash if you forgot to put your bins out, missed trash day and your carts are full. Move your … Read more